Learning, 90’s Style

For those who say TV rots the mind, I dare you to find a problem with the 10 shows coming up. I grew up in a town where education wasn’t likely above high school, if you were lucky. On top of that my mom worked constantly, so I was left with TV to teach me what teachers might’ve missed. Gracias to Big Bird I learned the basics of Espanol and many thanks to all the other shows I grew up learning from in the 90’s. Keep on reading to see which ones made my curriculum and don’t be afraid to raise your hand and put in your own.

ImageWhere on Earth is is Carmen Sandiego?
Before all the CSI’s, kids were trying to solve one of the biggest mysteries of the 90’s. PBS gumshoes were given clues to crack the infamous question to go forth and win something pretty awesome, a trip to somewhere in the US…Well what did you expect, it was from PBS.  Wait, what was it we learned from watching this? Problem solving, duh!


Jack Russell Terriers got a makeover when this tale pup hit the scene. He took problems and situations of his reality and made them relatable to kids with his daydreams. These tales were taken from popular and not so popular literature. While most shows were about just reading, this one was about interpreting the stories in a way to showcase how they can relate to one’s own life. Plus, it also opened kids up to classics they might not have known about till later in high school and college.


An aardvark and his band of friends and family taught so many life lessons, from how to deal with an annoying younger sibling to what to do when you have a friend who was born different. “And now from us kids…” was also a learning tool used to incorporate real life kids to drive home the lesson in even more.

Puzzle Place
There’s a special…wait for it…place in my heart for this jigsaw cast. This show will always be synonymous with bringing together kids (even though puppet form) from different cultures and putting them together under one roof. So it was kind of like The Real World minus the raunchy factor.


Granted the revamped (barely) version of the 70’s kids show that shared the name, came out in 99, it still was able to make an impression with its cast of kids who looked like the ones who were tuning it. They taught with young minds in mind and things never got too complicated, except for those damn riddles.

ImageMister Rogers Neighborhood
Imagination is all one needs in the land of make believe. Mr. Rogers along with a hood full of characters was the most innocent show, ever. In a half hour we could learn how crayons were made, make something out of simple household products and talk to a cat that says “meow” every other word; amazing.
ImageReading Rainbow
Did anyone else ever get too stoked when the kid in the book confessional talked about a book you had read? This one really needs no explanation; it’s a classic that will soon be back.

ImageBlues Clues
I always made my little brother love what I loved and now he’s almost 19 and has a 90’s mentality all his own, but Blue Clues, now that was his show right there. An interactive format that allowed for kids to participate with the Blue and her owner Steve, had kids glued to their TV searching for the most obvious clues in the world. But when you’re four…or 14, the songs are cute, catchy and educational.
ImageBill Nye the Science Guy
The man, the myth, the science guy. “Condensation” was just a spelling word I feared until Bill Nye dished about it. To this day there is not one kid who grew up in the 90’s who didn’t steal a science fair project idea from that man.

ImageSesame Street
It’s the longest running kids show of all time, has the most loveable characters and even though the format hasn’t changed in decades, it doesn’t matter because neither has the ABC’s and 123’s.


About sunnymenagerie

Socially awkward in most situations most 25 years olds would call easy, that’s me. TV is my soul mate, Music is my mistress and writing is my best friend. Without those three things, I’d be in an insane asylum calling myself Rosa Parks, refusing to sit in the back of the so called bus. I know more about pop culture and celebrities than I do about my family history, and I’d like to keep it that way. Words I live by: We´re all tiny books in one big compilation called life. Some of us will wait for what seems like forever for our climactic part to come. Others will have a romance novel their entire life. Or maybe one filled with just adventure. Or one that is a poetic tragedy. Then, there are those that will have best sellers. You know, the ones that everyone wants to read and base their versions on? Don´t forget the little paperbacks sold at the carwash that only a select few will ever lay eyes on. We´re all born with the power to either take what was written for us or choose our own adventures.
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