OPINION: Nickelodeon shows more of a comeback to the 90’s fanbase than Cartoon Network

Lets get the facts straight. We grew up with two cartoon channels during the 90’s Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Both offered some good cartoons, both had memorable things about the channels. But in the clear, Nickelodeon is much more into bringing entertainment to the kids of the 90’s. They had shows such as Slime Time LIVE, U-pick live and other worthy live action program while along adding some great animation to the mix.

In this study during the last few weeks. I’m gonna explain the things why I believe Nickelodeon is listening to their 90’s generation audience more.

Gak! My god did the kids in the 90’s go crazy for this stuff! Just feeling the slimey stuff in your hands was just amazing! When I had this stuff I always scared the hell out of the girl’s next door with this if I ever dare get close to them with this gooey stuff. This is another need thing! Nickelodeon brought back the good ol gak of this year!







Plus also another good reason to believe Nickelodeon shows more respect for the 90’s generation.








When I found out about the news that Nick was creating an entire special block for 90’s Nicktoons, I was so stoked! It felt like I was a little kid again! But sitting at the couch late at night! The 90’s Are All That Block debuted in July 25th, 2011








Remember this show??! Well of course you do! This was a short runned show on Nickelodeon from 1997 to 1999. In this game show the contestants had unique talents competed against each other for prizes and etc. Plus pretty much the game show the others are suppose to guess the other’s talents and they explain them after they are revealed with the game host who was Summer Sanders.







Well check this! This is the new logo for Figure it Out!

It was revealed on March 7th, 2012 that 40 episodes will be filmed in April 2012.

I have nothing against Cartoon Network or anything. But the best they have is boomerang which also shows classic cartoons from decades and the original cartoon cartoons. But other cartoon channels should learn from Nickelodeon, But it’s understandable that Cartoon Network didn’t have all the extra bells and whistles Nick had, cause it mostly served as a cartoon based channel only while Nick did everything to amuse the typical 90’s child. But its a start for Nick. Were just glad that they’re listening to their older generation of viewers!


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One Response to OPINION: Nickelodeon shows more of a comeback to the 90’s fanbase than Cartoon Network

  1. Randye says:

    at least cartoon network has boomerang to showcase there classics, disney needs to hop on the band wagon and do something next…..

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