Popular 90’s Cars People Wish/Had On Their Driveway

Hey Everyone! This is Bruder here! Daniel let me decide to write a 90’s related article for the blog so since im a gearhead I though I do something about popular 90’s cars So lets get to the article!

1990 Madza Miata





These cars were inspired by 1960’s British sport’s cars. They’re lightweight design made them pretty quick and I’d doubt they would withstand a major car accident.

1991 Chevy Caprice

These cars were actually to compete with Chrysler for the police market. GM took it over for about 80% of the sales, you’d see alot of these cars as police cruisers back in the days.

1996 GM EV1









These cars are both considered a revolutionary car and a commercial failure. You were able to lease these green electric cars from Saturn dealers around California. The discontinuation of these gems is still controversial. It has inspired a documentary film regarding this topic…..The remaining cars were reprocessed by GM and crushed while a certain number are on display in museums.

1997 Plymouth Prowler













Now these beauts were one of my childhood favorites! The retro style design was a throwback to the 1930’s hot rods, these were shown as a concept back in 1993 until Chrysler decided to make them into production in 1997. Causing Chrysler’s rep for bringing  sexy concept cars to life as full production models.

1998 Toyota Supra



Believe it or not these things used to cost $50,000 back in the days. Now a days they’re a gem for the import scene.

1999 VS Beetle






These classic cars were brought back to life in the 90s and sold like hotcakes!

Monte Carlo Z-34









This thing was like a 2 door Lumina on steroids. 200 BHP 3.4 Liter V-6 this thing was a pretty fast and stylish car!

1996 Dodge Viper







Now these cars turned heads on the road! These beasts were loaded with V-10 engines that gave the Corvette the chills. It also had it’s own television series!

1990-1996 Nissan 300ZX







these 300 Horse Power beauts followed the trend of returning fast cars for the 90s. But thanks to the Truck/SUV craze it pretty much killed it’s sales. But still producing today it still turns heads! Oddly enough I wouldn’t mind owning one!

So tell us what is your favorite 90’s car!




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