Things I Did When I Was Bored as a Kid…Add Yours!

Today work got out later than usual and I was forced to sit on the Los Angeles Metro bored out of my mind as a woman continued to spill over to my part of the seat. That got me thinking…what did I used to do when I was a mere child in the 90’s and bored? Thinking long and hard, I came up with things I did and some that I’m pretty sure most other 90’s kids did. I came up with a sinful six, comment and add more. Maybe the next time I’m bored on a weekend, I can use yours to pass the time!

Find everything in the picture search in Highlights and circle them in pen to piss off your family. This was the ultimate payback to my mom when she wouldn’t buy me Backstreet Boy magazines.

Arrange Barbies clothes in color order…then by season…then by event. Hey, Barbie had places to go, people to see.

Put you 96 Crayolas in alphabetical order because any kid who kept then safe and sound in the order they came in was a L7 weenie!

Make a puff paint shirt. Decorate it with awesome song titles like “MMMBop” or winking happy faces.

Pretend the floor is lava and make your younger siblings cry when they slip an you insist they’re now one leg down, but ensure then to look on the bright side…they still have one.

Go outside!


About sunnymenagerie

Socially awkward in most situations most 25 years olds would call easy, that’s me. TV is my soul mate, Music is my mistress and writing is my best friend. Without those three things, I’d be in an insane asylum calling myself Rosa Parks, refusing to sit in the back of the so called bus. I know more about pop culture and celebrities than I do about my family history, and I’d like to keep it that way. Words I live by: We´re all tiny books in one big compilation called life. Some of us will wait for what seems like forever for our climactic part to come. Others will have a romance novel their entire life. Or maybe one filled with just adventure. Or one that is a poetic tragedy. Then, there are those that will have best sellers. You know, the ones that everyone wants to read and base their versions on? Don´t forget the little paperbacks sold at the carwash that only a select few will ever lay eyes on. We´re all born with the power to either take what was written for us or choose our own adventures.
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