Adaptations…the 90’s Way

With The Hunger Games being the only thing people are talking about these days, I wanted to take a look back at some books that were made into movies in the 90’s. So in a Kanye move (never isn’t funny to me), Hunger Games, I’m gonna let you have your box office gold right now, but we gotta admit, the 90’s kicked ass when it came to book adaptations.

A Little Princess
This is one of the darkest movies I watched as a kid. I mean dead parents and kid slavery all set in a musty looking girls school. But one of the best quotes of the decade, “I am a princess. All girls are.” ‘nuff said.

ImageKid in King Arthur’s Court
Before he made Tara Reid exclaim in American Pie, Thomas Ian was just your typical time traveling kid who lands in a Renaissance Faire attendees wet dream.

ImageDr. Dolittle
Norm Macdonald, sadly this was one of the last things I found you and Eddie Murphy top notch in…and you were a dog.

ImageTom & Huck
90’s king Jonathan Taylor Thomas alongside Brad Renfro taught us that JTT is adorable no matter what century and also a little bit about the ever precocious Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

ImageJames and the Giant Peach
I still have nightmares about those over sized bugs, but damn if that adventure wouldn’t have been worth the Fear Factor style traveling.

Peter Pan is everyone’s’ hero who looks at adulthood and laughs, even when Peter is Robin Williams.

ImageHarriet the Spy
Lets all give thanks to the movie that spawned a sea of composition books.

Another thanks to ABC Family for playing this movie every other weekend. My procrastination never looked better. Also, Kirsten Dunst’s best role ever.

We all wanted her powers and thought if we read enough it could happen.

The Babysitters Club
To be fair, Goosebumps never did movie like this. So as far as series and the 90’s go, BSC is da’ bomb. Each girl represented someone we all knew and even ourselves and while I’m still iffy over Stacy and that older boy, I’ll forever treasure this VHS.

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OPINION: Nickelodeon shows more of a comeback to the 90’s fanbase than Cartoon Network

Lets get the facts straight. We grew up with two cartoon channels during the 90’s Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Both offered some good cartoons, both had memorable things about the channels. But in the clear, Nickelodeon is much more into bringing entertainment to the kids of the 90’s. They had shows such as Slime Time LIVE, U-pick live and other worthy live action program while along adding some great animation to the mix.

In this study during the last few weeks. I’m gonna explain the things why I believe Nickelodeon is listening to their 90’s generation audience more.

Gak! My god did the kids in the 90’s go crazy for this stuff! Just feeling the slimey stuff in your hands was just amazing! When I had this stuff I always scared the hell out of the girl’s next door with this if I ever dare get close to them with this gooey stuff. This is another need thing! Nickelodeon brought back the good ol gak of this year!







Plus also another good reason to believe Nickelodeon shows more respect for the 90’s generation.








When I found out about the news that Nick was creating an entire special block for 90’s Nicktoons, I was so stoked! It felt like I was a little kid again! But sitting at the couch late at night! The 90’s Are All That Block debuted in July 25th, 2011








Remember this show??! Well of course you do! This was a short runned show on Nickelodeon from 1997 to 1999. In this game show the contestants had unique talents competed against each other for prizes and etc. Plus pretty much the game show the others are suppose to guess the other’s talents and they explain them after they are revealed with the game host who was Summer Sanders.







Well check this! This is the new logo for Figure it Out!

It was revealed on March 7th, 2012 that 40 episodes will be filmed in April 2012.

I have nothing against Cartoon Network or anything. But the best they have is boomerang which also shows classic cartoons from decades and the original cartoon cartoons. But other cartoon channels should learn from Nickelodeon, But it’s understandable that Cartoon Network didn’t have all the extra bells and whistles Nick had, cause it mostly served as a cartoon based channel only while Nick did everything to amuse the typical 90’s child. But its a start for Nick. Were just glad that they’re listening to their older generation of viewers!

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Anyone Wanna Trade? …90’s Lunch Time!

Cafeteria food was never appealing to me, so from kindergarten up until my last day in elementary school, my mom packed my lunchbox with the staple pb&j, and to keep him company was an assortment of delicious and never nutritious snacks. So today instead of counting calories like a boring adult, indulge in at least some memories of some favorite foods from your past…


Not a traditional lunchtime snack, but you were happy to have a couple of these sour pusses in your bag. And who didn’t go there, and hold the little candy on their tongue to see if the playground legend was true? I for one never got a hole in my tongue.


Fruit by the Foot
The snack that keeps on giving and when you’re 8, a foot seems like a lifetime. But when you’re an adult who still believes this “fruit” is healthy, you’re left a little hungry. That’s why you eat the whole box!


Go to the store right now, buy a box of red ones and then pretend to be on The Walking Dead.


Hot Cheetos
Turning fingers red for decades, Hot Cheetos were the ultimate playground must have, and for those who dared take on the flame, I salute you.


Fruit Roll-Ups
Okay, so Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit by the Foot taste the same, but alas they are SO different! Roll-Ups started out as simple squares, but then evolved into being an activity set with shapes that pulled out. Who says you can’t play with your food?


Capri Sun
These rarely seen my lunchbox due to the fact that my little brother and I would drink them all before the first round of Saturday Morning Cartoons were over and done with, sorry mom.


Rice Krispies
So you’re telling me we no longer have to take mom’s homemade ones? Score. When these came out, you could never forget how soft and chewy they were compared to the homemade kind. Again, sorry mom…


So they say we’re an obese nation…I wonder why? Truth though, I’d rather die with these little morsels of goodness in me than in a pair of single digit pants.


The coolest things about this drink wasn’t that they had animated faces on the bottles or the easy access to quenching ones thirst. It was the fact that they turned into awesome bath toys when you were done.


Why mess with a classic. It’s a whole meal in one box, even desert…In the form of a miniature Snickers. But after all these years I still can’t believe some would eat the pizza one cold.

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Learning, 90’s Style

For those who say TV rots the mind, I dare you to find a problem with the 10 shows coming up. I grew up in a town where education wasn’t likely above high school, if you were lucky. On top of that my mom worked constantly, so I was left with TV to teach me what teachers might’ve missed. Gracias to Big Bird I learned the basics of Espanol and many thanks to all the other shows I grew up learning from in the 90’s. Keep on reading to see which ones made my curriculum and don’t be afraid to raise your hand and put in your own.

ImageWhere on Earth is is Carmen Sandiego?
Before all the CSI’s, kids were trying to solve one of the biggest mysteries of the 90’s. PBS gumshoes were given clues to crack the infamous question to go forth and win something pretty awesome, a trip to somewhere in the US…Well what did you expect, it was from PBS.  Wait, what was it we learned from watching this? Problem solving, duh!


Jack Russell Terriers got a makeover when this tale pup hit the scene. He took problems and situations of his reality and made them relatable to kids with his daydreams. These tales were taken from popular and not so popular literature. While most shows were about just reading, this one was about interpreting the stories in a way to showcase how they can relate to one’s own life. Plus, it also opened kids up to classics they might not have known about till later in high school and college.


An aardvark and his band of friends and family taught so many life lessons, from how to deal with an annoying younger sibling to what to do when you have a friend who was born different. “And now from us kids…” was also a learning tool used to incorporate real life kids to drive home the lesson in even more.

Puzzle Place
There’s a special…wait for it…place in my heart for this jigsaw cast. This show will always be synonymous with bringing together kids (even though puppet form) from different cultures and putting them together under one roof. So it was kind of like The Real World minus the raunchy factor.


Granted the revamped (barely) version of the 70’s kids show that shared the name, came out in 99, it still was able to make an impression with its cast of kids who looked like the ones who were tuning it. They taught with young minds in mind and things never got too complicated, except for those damn riddles.

ImageMister Rogers Neighborhood
Imagination is all one needs in the land of make believe. Mr. Rogers along with a hood full of characters was the most innocent show, ever. In a half hour we could learn how crayons were made, make something out of simple household products and talk to a cat that says “meow” every other word; amazing.
ImageReading Rainbow
Did anyone else ever get too stoked when the kid in the book confessional talked about a book you had read? This one really needs no explanation; it’s a classic that will soon be back.

ImageBlues Clues
I always made my little brother love what I loved and now he’s almost 19 and has a 90’s mentality all his own, but Blue Clues, now that was his show right there. An interactive format that allowed for kids to participate with the Blue and her owner Steve, had kids glued to their TV searching for the most obvious clues in the world. But when you’re four…or 14, the songs are cute, catchy and educational.
ImageBill Nye the Science Guy
The man, the myth, the science guy. “Condensation” was just a spelling word I feared until Bill Nye dished about it. To this day there is not one kid who grew up in the 90’s who didn’t steal a science fair project idea from that man.

ImageSesame Street
It’s the longest running kids show of all time, has the most loveable characters and even though the format hasn’t changed in decades, it doesn’t matter because neither has the ABC’s and 123’s.

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